Low-code and No-code platform for real-life applications

Using Cloud-Wizard, you can save up to 90% of your development cost and time.

What is Cloud-Wizard?

Cloud-Wizard is an online platform that enables faster software prototyping and development using highly efficient and user-friendly products.

Cloud Based Platform

No installation is required

Low-Code with CodeGen

Generate source code of modern technologies with few clicks using CodeGen

No-Code with AppGen

Generate end-to-end Web, Mobile, and API applications using AppGen




Created Applications


Generated Artifacts


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Who benefit from Cloud-Wizard?

Source Code Generation

For developers who are looking to increase their productivity, CodeGen is the ultimate solution to generate source code in no time with few clicks.

  • Full Stack Developers.
  • Java Developers.
  • JavaEE Developers.
  • Spring Framework Developers.
  • SpringBoot Developers.
  • Python and Flask Developers.
  • PHP and Laravel Developers.
  • Android Developers.
  • iOS and Swift Developers.
  • Database Developers.

Rapid Functional Prototyping

In Agile environments, Prototyping has become an important part of any software development lifecycle to reduce the gap between the stake-holder's expectations and final products. With AppGen, you can now have a fully functional prototypes with few clicks, and without writing code.

  • Non-Technical Users.
  • Pre-Sales.
  • Business Analysts.
  • Product Managers.
  • Product Owners.
  • Software Architects.
  • Technical Leaders.

Create End-to-End applications

Now, with Cloud-Wizard AppGen, you can design end-to-end applictions that could be exported to any of the supported technologies without writing a single line code. This may save 70-90% of the software development time

  • Full Stack Developers.
  • Technical Leads.
  • Software Architects.


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Generate source code of modern technologies.

Main Features:

  • High Quality Generated Code.
  • Following coding standards and naming conventions.
  • Download generated code as single unit in any supported technology.
  • Download generate code as Full project in any supported technology.
  • Syntax Highlighting.
  • Autosave to avoid losing work.
  • Learning mode support..

How it works:

Add Fields Select Code Generator Download Generated Code only or a Full Application
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Supported Technologies

  • Java Standard Edition: Java Class, Java Class with Lombok.
  • Java Enterprise Edition: JPA Entity, JPA Entity with Lombok, JPA Entity with Lombok, PrimeFaces View, PrimeFaces View.
  • SpringBoot: Spring Data Service, Mature Rest Controller, Spring Data Rest Controller, REST Shell Test, JSON Object.
  • Spring MVC: MVC Controller, MVC View.
  • HTML and Bootstrap: Full HTML page with Bootstrap styles, HTML Form only without styles, HTML Form only with Bootstrap styles.
  • Database: H2 Database, SQL Server Database, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL database.
  • Angular: Component, Form, Model, Service.
  • Python / Flask: Form, Layout, Model, Template, View.
  • PHP / Laravel: Model, Controller, Resource, Request, Vue View, Migration, Views (Show, Create, Edit, Index).
  • Android: Adapter, Activity, API Client, End Point, Entity, Fragment.
  • iOS – Swift: View, Controller, Model, Service.


AppGen is a cloud based user friendly application that enables anybody to design software applications without writing code, and enable them to generate source code for those applications in any supported technology.

Main Features:

  • High Quality Generated Code based on naming convention and coding standards.
  • Ready made project structure that fits both small and enterprise based applications.
  • Ready made theme with more than built in 30 themes.
  • Zero configuration for generated apps.
  • Teams and Collaboration Support.
  • Ready made security.*
  • Multi-Module Support.
  • Ready-made Dockerfile.
  • Ready-made gitlab-ci.yml file.
  • Cloud-Based, no need for any client tools to use Cloud-Wizard.
  • Ready made configuration for development, staging, and production environment (soon).
  • Ready-made k8s (Kubernetes) deployment.yml file (soon).
  • Ready made TestCase ..coming soon (soon).

How it works:

Add View Groups Add Views Design Views Download Full Source Code In Supported Technologies or Deploy Directly to the Cloud.

Supported Technologies

  • JavaEE: Generate end-to-end Java Web based applications based on Java Server Faces, PrimeFaces, JPA, and Smart-Cloud framework.
  • SpringBoot: Generate end-to-end SpringBoot micro service based on Spring Mature Rest Controller, Spring Data Service, and JPA entities.
  • SpringMVC: Generate end-to Spring Web application based on Spring MVC framework. It includes MVC Views, MVC Controllers, Spring Data Services, and JPA Entities.
  • Angular: Generate end-to Angular web applications
  • Python: Generate end-to Python web applications based on Flask framework
  • PHP: Generate end-to PHP web applications based on Laravel framework
  • Android: Generate end-to Android Mobile applications
  • iOS: Generate end-to iOS Mobile applications based on Swift technology


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Low-code platform is a concept where a tool could enable faster software development and delivery, where it shall allow faster code generation using modeling and user friendly graphical user interface tools. In Low-code, the generated code is not meant to be a final product, but a base that could be built on.

  • No-Code means to enable both IT and non-IT people to develop full end-to-end software application without writing any line of code with relatively fast delivery.

  • Software Product Lines is an approach that was presented by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University to enable faster software delivery by having a base software product that could be customized later. In this approach, software development cost and time be reduced by 70-90%. .

  • Simply, all of them. For example, if a developer wants to generte source code unit (artifact), then he/she can use CodeGen, in this case, it is Low-Code. If a non-IT person wants to develop a small information system using AppGen to manage the data of his/her small business, then its a No-Code. Finally, if an organization wants to developer a set of products that have common configurations, themes, security, CICD config, logging, and business logic, then they can develop the first product using AppGen, and use that product as the base for the other products, in this case it is a Software Product Line Approach.

  • No, you can use the generated code in the way you want.

  • Yes; however, some advanced features will require premium subscription, such as deployment directly to the cloud, custom code generators, custom technology stacks. Please contact us for more details.

  • Yes, please contact us for more details.

  • Yes, if you are a premium user, you can either build your generators or even a full technology stack, or we can do it for you as professional services. Please contact us for more details.

  • Yes, please contact us for more details or if you have a custom needs.

  • Yes, please contact us for more details or if you have a custom needs.


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